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If a person is stressed for too long, he will have depression. The common manifestation of depression is depression, which is characterized by melancholy or grief. 1. Lose interest in daily life and have no pleasure; 2. Energy decreases significantly, and there is no reason for continuous fatigue; 3. Decreased self-confidence or inferiority, or guilt; 4. Insomnia, early awakening or excessive sleep; 5. Loss of appetite and weight loss; 6. Have the idea of suicide; 7. Sexual desire decreased significantly; 8. Difficulty or decline in concentration; 9. Association difficulties, conscious thinking ability decreased significantly. Depressive mood fluctuates greatly throughout the day, often heaviest in the morning, then gradually alleviates, and lightest at night

if the above situation continues to develop, it will become depression, which is not easy to treat, so we must attach great importance to it and prevent it as soon as possible. A lot of depression is caused by the unfavorable Feng Shui at home, or it is related to Feng Shui at home, so the following eight Feng Shui patterns may make you depressed

I. insufficient light

we all know that sunshine is dynamic and can bring us good mood. If there is no sunshine in the room for a long time, it will have an adverse impact on people's mood, causing people to feel depressed, and people will get sick after a long time

second, the house type is not correct

no matter the area of the house at home is large or small, the house type must be square. The most taboo in Feng Shui is triangular houses, ladder houses or other irregular house types. The room type is like the heart, and the type is regular and the person is upright. Incorrect house type is easy to make people think biased, often on the edge of the law, not impossible. Even if you get it, it is against the law. You are worried all day. You will definitely get sick after a long time

III. heavy colors

many people like to use deep and heavy colors for decoration, which looks very emotional, but it is not good to live in such an environment all year round. That will make people feel depressed and heavy invisibly. It must be bad after a long time

IV. there is no Mingtang

Feng Shui says that there must be Mingtang. The size of Mingtang represents the size of the career. Both yin and Yang houses should have Ming Tang. Mingtang refers to the spacious degree in front of the house. Some houses are built by developers in order to build more houses, leaving little space at all. In this way, when people live at home and look out, their sight will not open. If you feel depressed, you will get sick after a long time

v. unfavorable position

it is known from the annual transportation of the Sanyuan 9th National Games that the unfavorable position this year is the West and the north. If your desk, sofa and bed are in this position, it will be very disadvantageous to you. This is the orientation of two black and five yellow. In Feng Shui, these two stars represent the information of wealth, decay, depression and disease, so we should pay attention to these two orientations this year

VI. beam capping

beam capping should cause people to feel nervous and afraid, which is a normal reaction of people's self safety awareness. Especially if your sofa, bed and desk are under the pillars, you should pay more attention. For a long time, it doesn't form psychological pressure and cause depression

VII. The living room is too small

the living room is the indoor xiaomingtang, where families usually get together or entertain guests when they come to outsiders. Because of the small area of some homes, the living room is very small, and some even have no living room, which is very bad. Because the area of the bedroom is very small, and the bedrooms of the family are separated. Adults are adults and children are children. It's inconvenient to get together and have a chat at home. Therefore, people are often locked in their bedrooms, and psychological problems will certainly occur after a long time

VIII. Northwest corner missing

there is one place in the house that must not be missing corners, one of which is the northwest. This position is called Qian divination in the divination of the book of changes. Qian divination is about work, career, fame, etc. if this position is missing, you will be greatly affected. If your career is bad for a long time, your mood will be affected. Where will you go if you don't feel depressed for a long time

if you have the above Feng Shui pattern in your home, please pay more attention. Light ones can stick "Poseidon Menfu" on their entrance door to Wangwang's overall fortune. At the same time, you can wear the "Tai Sui Kai Yun Fu" to start your luck, so that good luck can come as soon as possible




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