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Explanation of decoration construction terms (VI)

★★ artificial stone: domestic artificial marble, there is no big difference in material, most of which are naturally cast with saturated resin and stone powder. Therefore, the technological content of products is very low. The difference between good and bad is nothing more than whether the proportion of these two things is reasonable

★★ seamless brick: the four corners of the brick are at right angles, and there is almost no seam between the pasted bricks. It is generally used in the toilet with a large area, which looks more elegant. But the requirements for clay work are very high

★★ decorative panel: also known as 3-plywood, it is used for veneer decoration. It is generally used for clear water, such as walnut, teak, wood lifting decoration, etc. The price is 30-400 yuan

★★ density board: the commonly used board, because it is extruded and bonded by wood powder, has compact structure, flat surface, simple processing, is not prone to moisture deformation, and has low formaldehyde content, which is very suitable for on-site furniture production. In addition to the same problems above, there is another fatal problem, that is, the nail holding force is not strong. Because its structure is wood powder, there is no grain, so when the nail or screw is fastened, especially if the screw is fastened at the same place more than twice, it will lose its fastening force. The logs are degreased and peeled, crushed into sawdust, and then formed under high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, it is called density board, and its surface is often decorated with melamine or wood veneer. According to the difference between imported and domestic veneers and thickness, the price of each veneer ranges from 80 yuan to 200 yuan. According to the environmental protection detection standard, the formaldehyde emission per cubic meter of plate should be less than or equal to 30 mg

★★ gypsum board: it is a very cheap board. What I see is two-sided cardboard with gypsum in the middle. It is too fragile to bear heavy loads. Generally used for ceiling, but also for other decorative purposes

★★ particleboard: it is made by crushing various branches and buds into granules, and then bonding under high pressure. Because its profile is similar to honeycomb, it is called particleboard. At present, most panel furniture in the world choose this kind of board. The advantage is that the interior is granular with cross staggered structure, so the nail holding force is good, the horizontal bearing capacity is good, and the cost is lower than that of medium density board. Although the formaldehyde content is higher than that of medium density board, it is much lower than that of large core board. The price is relatively cheap (according to the difference between imported and domestic finishes and thickness, the price of each piece ranges from 60 to 160 yuan). The disadvantages are easy to make, the quality varies greatly, it is not easy to distinguish, the bending resistance and tensile resistance are poor, and the density is loose and easy to loosen. The usage surface is often pressed on both sides with melamine finish, and the appearance is the same as that of MDF after edge sealing

★★ damp proof mat: a mat laid under the floor and above the keel to prevent the floor from being corroded by the moisture emanating from the ground. Living in high-rise or dry places is not necessary

★★ silica gel: a widely used adhesive, which is divided into acid adhesive, medium-sized adhesive and structural adhesive. The price ranges from low to high. Acid and neutral are commonly used in families. Neutral is suitable for places with high requirements for sealing and waterproof, such as plastic steel doors and windows. The sealing acid glue like the edge of the mirror and the wall can be used completely. The colors are white and colorless, as well as special mold proof silica gel. It has no pollution and good bonding effect, but it is more expensive than general adhesives. Generally speaking, it is used in the bonding and sealing of glass (colorless silica gel), marble, cabinets, sanitary ware and water pipe openings. Ordinary silica gel will turn black and moldy after a long time (especially near the water channel). Mould proof silica gel can prevent this, but mould proof silica gel is easy to buy fake goods, so it should be purchased with caution

★★ white glue: white glue is a kind of adhesive used for woodworking, which is mainly used for sticking decorative panels (when making adhesives, it can only be used on wood). If the quality is poor, the plate will not stick. Many bad white glue contains a lot of formaldehyde, which is harmful to human body. White glue can also be used as one of the raw materials of putty

★★ 801 glue: the effect is the same as that of white glue, and the price is also the same. It belongs to high molecular polymer, which is made of amino treatment. It has strong bonding performance, and is used for industrial and civil building decoration, painting, light wallboard, wall cloth, wallpaper, ceramic tile and ground reinforcement. It is non-toxic, tasteless, non combustible, non irritating smell, high quality and stable. It is known as building all-purpose glue. Pay attention to buy environmentally friendly formaldehyde free 801 glue. It can be replaced with white glue, and it is said that it can also be mixed (in putty)

★★ 502 glue: it is not used in decoration. It dries quickly and has strong viscosity. It is packed in a bottle with a big finger. Used for glued off soles and the like...

★★ Baide glue: it is a board other than wood, such as melamine board, which is used for edge sealing. Generally, the dosage is not much

★★ raw material tape and thick white paint: raw material tape is a tape used to seal the natural gas pipeline interface to avoid gas leakage. Thick white paint is used to seal the gas pipeline interface to avoid gas leakage. Sometimes the two are used together for the sake of insurance

★★ insulating tape: insulating tape, used for winding insulation of wire joints. Prevent electric leakage

★★ masking paper: it is used by painters. When painting, this is used to avoid painting to places that cannot be painted. For example, glass doors, when painting wood, for fear of paint on the glass, stick this on the edge of the glass. But if it is not removed in time, some traces of glue will be left, and it can't even be torn off. At this time, you can try blowing with a hot hair dryer and then wiping it off. The traces of textured paper on the glass can be scraped with a blade. If it is scraped off, it will be a little gray, and then wiped

(it is not guaranteed to be useful, but only for reference)

★★ color difference: for colored building materials (such as ceramic tiles, stones, floors, latex paint, etc.) that need to be used multiple times in a space, there are color differences between parts that can be found by the naked eye, which is called color difference. Color difference affects beauty. Generally, products produced in different batches and products with poor quality will have color difference. Pay more attention when purchasing, choose big brands, and follow the principle of "prefer more than less"

★★ water transfer painting: a small paper with various patterns, which can be moved to the ceramic tile after being coated with water. If you don't like it, you can wash it off with alcohol and stick another one. TX uses it on the ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, and the effect is similar to that of flower tiles. Remember to buy waterproof water paintings, especially in the bathroom

★★ universal wheel: a wheel that can slide in all directions. It is generally used on the legs of movable furniture. This kind of wheel is also installed under the shopping cart in supermarkets




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