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Taking this opportunity, we had a comprehensive exchange on the development situation and strategic planning of the wood door industry, and jointly discussed the next trend of the wood door industry

on November 2, Shuangyu wooden door welcomed Ma Jinliang, Deputy Secretary General of Liaoning Furniture Association, Liu Fuqiang, chairman of zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door, and general manager Huang of Huaze Sanfeng wood industry company. Taking this opportunity, we had a comprehensive exchange on the development situation and strategic planning of the wooden door industry, and jointly discussed the next trend of the wooden door industry

first of all, guests, accompanied by Tian Yu, chairman of Shuangyu, visited the factory of Shuangyu wooden door. During the visit, everyone was full of praise for the panel workshop, woodworking workshop, UV paint workshop and other professional production lines of the double feather wooden door, as well as the sample exhibition hall. In order to make the guests have a comprehensive impression on the double feather wooden door, chairman Tian Yu also carefully introduced the production management and sales status of the double feather wooden door to the guests during the visit. Chairman Tian Yu said, "at present, the modern production base of Shuangyu company has reached 300000 square meters. In terms of production equipment, Shuangyu adopts foreign advanced production equipment and implements strict testing standards. The wooden door reaching consumers' homes has both applicability and environmental protection functions, creating a warm and healthy family for consumers." After hearing the introduction of Tian Yu, chairman of Shuangyu, the Deputy Secretary General of Liaoning Furniture Association said that he was extremely in favor of the practice of Shuangyu wooden door, which can reduce labor, control costs and improve efficiency. For enterprises, this mode of operation can bring great benefits to enterprises. In addition to describing the management mode of the double feather wooden door, when visiting the double feather wooden door exhibition hall, chairman Tian Yu introduced the design concept, product system, process specifications, etc. of the double feather wooden door to the guests on the wooden door in the exhibition hall. Chairman Tian Yu said that all products of Shuangyu wooden door are not produced through "behind closed doors". Behind each wooden door of Shuangyu, the efforts made by everyone of Shuangyu are condensed, which is a contribution of Shuangyu wooden door to consumers. When designing wooden doors, Shuangyu will investigate the recent preferences and needs of consumers through multiple channels, explore the popular trend of wooden doors, carefully consider the style, style, technology, color, etc. of products, and finally combine data analysis to design wooden doors that can meet the needs of consumers. As consumers become younger, Shuangyu will continue to update the concept of products and adhere to the original design. Based on this, Shuangyu has developed eight classic wooden door series with unique characteristics, which can match the seven decoration styles. The production of this series covers the medium and high-end customer groups

the current market environment has undergone earth shaking changes. If wooden door enterprises want to develop and make continuous progress, they should bid farewell to the narrow ideas of the past. The most important thing for enterprises today is to learn to develop together, communicate with each other, and learn from the production and business philosophy of advanced enterprises, so as to continuously improve their comprehensive competitiveness, jointly promote the benign development of the wooden door industry, and build a harmonious market environment. Based on this, out of the consideration of jointly bringing better quality wooden door products and services to consumers, Shuangyu wooden door, as a competitor, together with zhanzhi Tianhua and Huaze Sanfeng, also abandoned the prejudice and opposition of the past this time. The three enterprises sat together to exchange experience and learn from each other for the purpose of resource sharing and complementary advantages, shared their development experience, development status in recent years and future strategic planning, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to do a good job in brand marketing and how to serve end consumers. In this exchange meeting, the three parties share their experience without reservation, and when someone raises questions about what they don't understand, others will take the trouble to answer them one by one until the questioner understands

in addition to discussing the successful operation of enterprises, the exchange meeting also discussed the next development of the three enterprises. Facing the current severe market economic situation, the three enterprises are constantly adjusting their product structure, technological transformation, equipment renewal, marketing ideas and other aspects to meet the development of new market economic needs. After such a detailed exchange meeting, all the guests here said that their trip was worth it. They not only gained a lot of business management methods, but also had a general grasp of a trend in the future, so they were more confident in the future

at the end of the exchange, the Deputy Secretary General of Liaoning Furniture Association expressed his appreciation for the development achievements of Shuangyu wooden door in just a few years, and put forward some suggestions, hoping to maintain long-term cooperation in the future, increase exchange and learning activities, strengthen the interaction between Liaoning and Chongqing, promote mutual resource sharing, expand and strengthen enterprises, and jointly promote the development of wooden door industry and market




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