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Plant a small tree on arbor day, and the brand of "green land Baibao health plate" will build a green and environmental friendly home with you

health, environmental protection and resource protection are the eternal themes of the household industry

the enterprise tenet of baidibao, one of China's top ten plate brands, is to make plates healthier and better, and make home decoration products more environmentally friendly and durable; To protect consumers' home environment, reduce the use of wood and protect forest resources is also the bounden corporate responsibility of baidibao health board

Arbor Day

plant a small tree, green pure land

baidibao health plate brand will build a green and environmentally friendly home with you

with people's increasing attention to health, safety and environmental protection and the increasingly stringent national requirements for environmental protection of decoration materials, China's home decoration industry is accelerating towards green and sustainable development

the use of green environmental protection materials is increasingly becoming the mainstream trend of the home decoration industry, and green building materials represented by wood-based panels are developing rapidly

solid wood composite board realizes the decorative effect of solid wood, reduces the cost, and improves the defect of easy expansion and contraction of solid wood, which is loved by consumers. However, the urea formaldehyde adhesive usually used has the problem of formaldehyde emission, especially under geothermal conditions, formaldehyde will accelerate the escape from the floor, and the indoor environment is closed, so the environmental protection problem is more prominent. Using polyurethane adhesive to produce "aldehyde free addition" solid wood composite floor substrate can well solve this problem.

compared with the traditional aldehyde containing adhesive scheme, plywood based on polyurethane adhesive not only realizes the real "aldehyde free addition", but also has higher quality, better durability and longer service life. Its excellent performance can well adapt to the situation of alternating cold and hot, especially suitable for winter use. In addition, the use of composite wood products can also help reduce tree felling and promote sustainable development

polyurethane glue can be combined with the existing plywood production process, and product upgrading can be easily achieved without heavy investment in new equipment.

polyurethane glue has excellent bonding performance, and plywood produced from ordinary wood (such as poplar and Eucalyptus) can also achieve performance comparable to solid wood

low VOC content, improve the operating environment of manufacturing plants, reduce VOC emissions in workshops, and protect workers' occupational health

the "aldehyde free addition" plywood based on polyurethane adhesive can be realized:

as the substrate of solid wood composite floor, the environmental protection effect is equivalent to that of solid wood, improve indoor formaldehyde emission, and protect consumer health, especially in geothermal environment

the performance of the plate meets the national class I standard and has excellent physical and mechanical properties and water resistance

it has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only as floor substrate, but also in furniture, decorative panels and other fields


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